Month: May 2017


May 31, 2017 Lessons 0

Slangs ·  Feeling blue – A feeling of depression or sadness. I am feeling blue because I lost my job. ·  A buck — Slang used for American dollar. It costs ten bucks. ·  Creep (n.) — A weird/strange person. Mike so creep. I don’t like him. ·  Couch Potato — A lazy person who spends… Read more

Exercises – Prepositions

May 29, 2017 Lessons 0

Fill in the blanks with the prepositions IN, ON and AT. 1) She wakes up __________ 6 am every morning.2) I have English classes ________ Monday and Wednesday.3) They play soccer _____  9 am on Sundays.4) She is ____ bedroom sleeping.5) They study German _____ Saturdays.6) He lives _____ England.7) Paul doesn’t wake up ______… Read more

The importance of studying English

May 28, 2017 Lessons 0

Studying English is really important as you know due to its market’s influence in several industries and commerce around the world. Keep in touch if you need to improve your English you absolutely need to learn lots of vocabularies and being fluent is mandatory. Definitely, it is our first language not the second anymore. Depending… Read more

How to improve your writing

May 25, 2017 Lessons 0

First of all, you need to read a lot then you increase your vocabulary. Read as much as possible, newspapers, magazines, websites, books, and so on. Definitely, if you read every day you will have conditions to improve your writing. Send emails to your friends, family, spouse, whoever. It is very important to practice day… Read more

English Exercises

May 22, 2017 Lessons 0

1) Fill in the blanks using the correct verb tense She __________ in London. (work, works)They __________ working (is, are)I ___________ to Europe next year (am going to, is going to)He _________ last year (died, dies) Correct the mistakes They started working next year._______________________He will play football yesterday._______________________She play volleyball every weekend._______________________I am going to… Read more

Tips for songs

May 20, 2017 Lessons 0

Tips for songs It is very nice to learn English when we listen to music. Choose your favorite singer or band and read the lyrics. You will observe that most of them do not make sense because the singer is expressing his feelings in that song. The most important are to learn new expressions and… Read more

Grammar Review

May 17, 2017 Lessons 0

Grammar review Let’s review some grammar topics In this article let’s have a grammar review so pay attention to all details explained below. Let’s see the main verb tenses in English and their auxiliary verbs. They are very easy to be understood, so it is a question of practice. Simple Present It is used to… Read more

Improve your listening

May 15, 2017 Lessons 0

Improve your listening There are some skills to be developed when you are learning English and one of them is the Listening. Improve your listening with songs, audios, podcasts, videos, and so on. There are many hints we can mention but it depends on your focus and needs. If you visit many websites in the… Read more


May 14, 2017 Lessons 0

FAMILY My friend’s name is Karl. Karl is from Amsterdam, in Holland. He is Dutch. He is married and has two children. His wife, Jane, is American. She is from Boston in The United States. Her family is still in Boston, but she now works and lives with Karl in Milan. They speak English, Dutch,… Read more


May 12, 2017 Lessons 0

EXPRESSIONS ASKING FOR INFORMATION Can you tell me your cell phone number, please? Could you tell me your last name? I’d like to know where I can buy some shoes. Do you know where I find an Italian restaurant? Have you got any idea how many immigrants live here? Could anyone tell me where I… Read more