Month: October 2017

Grammar explanation – Conditional – Learn a little bit more

October 11, 2017 Lessons 2

Grammar explanation – Conditional Let’s study today an important grammar explanation – conditional. Type One It is used to express a possible action in the future Simple Future + Simple Present If clause (simple present) + main clause (simple future) If I have a chance, I will go to Europe. If you see my brother,… Read more

Are you good at grammar? Correct the mistakes

October 9, 2017 Lessons 0

Are you good at prepositions? – more exercises

October 7, 2017 Lessons 0

Check your knowledge – Choose the correct answer

October 5, 2017 Lessons 0


The six most important inventions of all time

October 4, 2017 Lessons 2

The six most important inventions of all time When we think about the technology we need to take into account all benefits it brings to all of us. Let’s see a small list of the six most important inventions of all time. We know that many inventions are coming so we have to believe in… Read more

Barry Manilow – Even Now

October 3, 2017 Lessons 0

Barry Manilow – Even Now Barry Manilow is one of the best singers in the entire world. Listen to one of his most popular songs – Even now. Click here    

What about laughing a little? Some good jokes in English

October 1, 2017 Lessons 0

Are you good at jokes? Learn English One of the best ways to learn English is telling and listening to jokes. They are funny and help you to improve your vocabulary. It is common to watch movies and actors make some funny comments so if you are able to understand them, great! Let’s see some… Read more