Choose the correct answer – English exercises

[rapid_quiz question=”How long have you lived in your house?” answer=”I have lived for one year” options=”I have lived for one year|I have living for one year|I have lives for one year|I have been lives for one year” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”Where did you go last year?” answer=”I went to London” options=”I will go to London|I went to London|I am going to London|I am traveling now to London” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”What do you do in your free time? ” answer=”I like reading books” options=”I am a doctor|I live in London|I like reading books|I have one cat” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”How far is your house from the school?” answer=”It is five kilometers by car” options=”It is five kilometers by car|It is in London|It is a butterfly|It is one year” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”How many brothers do you have?” answer=”I have one” options=”I have a house|I have a baby|I don’t have cousins|I have one” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”Where do you live?” answer=”I live in Portugal” options=”I lives in Portugal|I living in Portugal|I live in Portugal|I don’t work” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”When is your birthday?” answer=”It is on February 10″ options=”It is on February 10|It is on March|It is at July|It is in 2019″ notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”What will you do next Sunday?” answer=”I will play soccer” options=”I will play soccer|I played soccer|I am played soccer|I playing soccer” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”What kind of music do you like?” answer=”I like rock” options=”I like drama|I like rock|I like volleyball|I like romance” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”Who is your favorite soccer player?” answer=”I like Messi” options=”I like Michael Jackson|I like Adele|I like Messi|I like Albert Einstein” notes=””]


Choose the correct answer