The best apps to learn English

The best apps to learn English

You know how good the technology is and in education, there are many options for students and teachers. You are studying English and of course, you intend to improve your vocabulary, speaking, reading and so on. In this article, you will read about the best apps to learn English.  You are going to have a chance to download them and enhance your English skills. Definitely,  we have to use technology in our daily lives.

The best apps to learn English


Duoling is one of the most famous apps to learn languages. You can study English, German, French or Spanish and there are many exercises to be done and you will improve your knowledge. If you want to download just click below.

Duolingo - learn EnglishMenrise

Learn lots of languages downloading Menrise. You will be able to learn German, Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, etc. It is a good chance for you to improve your knowledge. Click to download.

Menrise - learn EnglishBusuu – learn English

This app offers you a good chance to improve your English talking to native speakers and it is very good for your knowledge. You know how important it is to talk to foreigners because you can learn a lot of expressions, slangs, etc. Click to download.

Busuu - learn EnglishLearn English Grammar

If you want to study grammar this app is very good. Lots of exercises to do and you will be able to improve verb tenses, prepositions, pronouns, phrasal verbs, etc. It is absolutely essential to speak a good English to make yourself understood in a conversation.

Learn English Grammar - learn English

There are other apps to choose so you need to download and try. The most important to learn English is never stop. There are many ways to enhance so vocabulary watching films, listening to songs, reading news, talking to friends, do some exercises, etc.

Certainly, your knowledge will be much better as soon as you start studying languages using those apps. Have fun!