The best countries to live in the world

If you intend to try a new life abroad take a look at this small list of the best countries to live in the world. They are excellent options in terms of life quality (education, health, and jobs). Think about all these possibilities and make your choice according to your budget and where you live and what your intentions are. Let’s talk about some important features about each one then you will be able to decide. No matter where you live it is important that you start planning your trip. If your country doesn’t offer so many opportunities or you have intentions to live abroad prepare your luggage and have a nice trip.

The best countries to live in the world

The United States of America

What about living in New York or Atlanta or Miami? The USA offers an excellent life quality and you really should consider living there. It is the country of all opportunities and an American get about 54 thousand dollars a year and it is much more than most of the people in the entire world.


This country is considered one of the best in terms of educational life. Most of the population is graduated in universities and consequently, they have lots of great professionals in different fields. Canadian people speak French and English and it is another land of opportunities.


If you are looking for a peaceful country Iceland is a good opportunity for you. They have a high life expectancy (about 83 years) and it is a reality of their capacity of making people’s lives easier. It is an extremely developed country.


If you intend to live in another peaceful country Ireland is another great choice. They have one of the lowest homicide rates in the world (1.1 per 100 thousand people).


Denmark offers one of the best salaries in the entire world and has an excellent health and educational systems. It is a mandatory country to visit too. You will fall in love with that country!


More than 95% of the population has at least secondary level and it guarantees lots of excellent professionals in the country.


Their population has a fabulous longevity and their life expectancy is around 83 years that is considered extremely high.

the best countries to live in the worldNorway

Norway is considered the best country to live in the world and their longevity is one of their main features. They also offer an excellent infrastructure in terms of health and education.




There are many other ones such as Australia, Singapore, Qatar, and Finland, for example. The most important is to choose that one you consider the best in terms of life quality. Analyze how much they pay for their wages, what is their educational and professional lives like, among several other features.  Take a look at this nice video CLICK HERE and learn a little bit more about some excellent countries to live.