The best hints to learn English

You understand about lots of grammar issues, so let’s take into consideration that you are mastering Simple Present, Simple Past, Future, Near Future, Present Perfect, and many other verb tenses. If you understand the use of do and does, did, will, to be + going to, ok you are good at English, but one question: Do you have enough vocabulary  to make your sentences, create questions and so on? If you answered no it is time to get the best hints to learn English.

The best hints to learn English

No matter how old you are you need to keep focused on increasing your vocabulary so it is essential to forget that you speak your native language, let’s say you are Brazilian – so forget that you speak Portuguese. Never translate because it may bring lots of problems and a native speaker may not understand you perfectly.

How do I improve my vocabulary?

First of all, you need to read a lot. Read e-books, newspapers online, magazines, etc.

Another good hint is to watch movies with English subtitles – you will improve your listening and reading. Try to choose a film that you really want to watch for the first time or for another time. Each actor or actress has a different accent so pay attention in their intonation and read the subtitles. Pause your DVD and if you don’t know a specific word, don’t worry so much – try to understand the context. As soon as the film ends review all the vocabulary and take notes of the most important words or expressions you have learned.

Songs are also great to learn – singers are very nice to use different slangs, expressions, and so on. Choose your favorite song or singer then pay attention to different words and expressions.

Choose a good book to read and read little by little. One chapter a day, maybe. Take notes of the most important words in order to enhance your vocabulary.