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If you are a fan of soccer you must know the Brazilian soccer. It is considered one of the best in the world but in the last World Cups has got some bad results. Let’s talk a little about the Brazilian soccer and its future in the sport. Surely you remember that incredible game between Germany and Brazil in the last World Cup. Brazilian people will never forget that game in Belo Horizonte in 2014 (one of the most important Brazilian cities) – and Brazil lost – 7×1!! Yes, 7×1! An unbelievable game! Shall we learn English?

Brazilian soccer and its future in the sport

If we imagine that the Brazilian soccer had Pelé, Garrincha, Tostão, and Rivelino, and many other incredible players it is difficult to think about that result in Belo Horizonte. What happened to that magic soccer we could see in 1970, for example? Of course, Pelé stopped playing for a long time but the Brazilian soccer has its magic.

What will be the future like?

Brazilian soccer and its future in the sport

Well, Neymar is the best player and certainly will play for Brazil in the next World Cup in Russia in 2018. What about other great players? There are but they aren’t so good as Neymar but the Brazilian soccer has conditions to win the next championship.

The main Brazilian soccer players of all times

Of course, we need to consider Pelé, Tostão, Rivelino, Zico, Didi, Edu and several other players that enchanted lots of soccer fields in the entire world. Brazil has won five World Cups! Do you know that Brazil has participated in all championships? There are memorable games such as Brazil 4×1 against Italy in 1970 – Carlos Alberto Torres scored the last goal and Brazil won the World Cup for the third time in Mexico.

Brazil played against Italy again in 1982 and lost that game – 3×2 – Paolo Rossi scored three goals and Brazil was disqualified but played very well. Telê Santana was the coach and the Brazilian supporters were very sad but is part of the sport.

Let’s learn some vocabulary concerning soccer – take a look! Learn vocabulary on soccer!

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