How to build sentences in English

Let’s talk today about an important issue: how to build sentences in English. There are some simple rules to be followed so pay attention to them. The most important is to practice every day. Consequently understanding all grammar rules is essential and your English will be much better. You will observe how easy English is if you read, write and listen every single day!

How to build sentences in English

Affirmative sentences

To form an affirmative sentences it is necessary to follow a simple rule: subject + verb +object


She is a good student

They like volleyball

She speaks English fluently

If you build a sentence using an auxiliary verb it is quite simple: subject + auxiliary + verb + object

She will travel to Europe next year

I would like to go to the USA.

She has lived in Swizerland since 2011


Negative sentences

To build a negative sentence is quite simple: subject + verb (not) + complement

She is not a doctor

They are not from Brazil,..

If you want to build a negative sentence using an auxiliary verb you have to us: subject + auxiliary + not + verb + object

She doesn not work in New York

I will not travel to Europe next year.

They did not understand that exercise.

As you can see it is quite simple and Engish is a logical language.


Interrogative sentences

When you build your interrogative sentences you usuall change the verb or auxiliary positions. Your sentence starts using with WILL, HAVE, DID, DO, etc. = Verb / auxiliary + subject + verb + object

Are you from Portugal?

Does your brother speak English?

Will you go to England next year?


The best way to improve your English is studying and getting more vocabulary. At the moment you have a good amout of grammar knowledge and vocabulary you will be able to enhance your fluency very fast. It isn’t so difficult to understand these rules – pay attention to the word order.

how to build sentences in English

Pay attention to this video that is very clear about it = Click here







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