Check your knowledge – Choose the correct answer

[rapid_quiz question=”Where did you go last weekend? ” answer=”I went to London” options=”I went to London|I will travel to London|I travels to London|I go to London” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”What are your favorite colors?” answer=”My favorite colors are green and yellow” options=”My favorite color is green and yellow|My favorite colors are green and yellow|My favorite color are green and yellow|It is green and yellow” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”How long have you lived in Europe?” answer=”since 2014″ options=”since one day|for 2014|since 2014|for November” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”Which one is correct?” answer=”meet – met – met” options=”choose – chose – chose|talk – talked – talk|meet – met – met|like – like – liked” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”Which is the wrong choice?” answer=”bring – brought – bought” options=”know – knew – known|play – played – played|write – wrote – written|bring – brought – bought” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”Choose the correct sentence:” answer=”They are good students.” options=”She is a girl nice.|They are good students.|They are from Chinese.|She is Japan.” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”What kind of food do you like?” answer=”I like Italian food” options=”I like Italian food|I like opera|I like romance|I like pop rock” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”What is your favorite fruit?” answer=”blueberry” options=”lettuce|blueberry|cabbage|rice” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”What is your favorite vegetable?” answer=”lettuce” options=”mango|apple|pear|lettuce” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”They are _______ girls.” answer=”intelligent” options=”intelligent|Italy|the United States|working” notes=””]