Auxiliary: Would

We use Conditional to express an action that may be a possibility or alternative.
Negative form: Wouldn’t – She would like to study German.
Interrogative Form: Would you like to dance?

Take a look at this examples:

  • Would you like to drink a beer?
  • No, I wouldn’t. I would like to drink an orange juice. 

  • What would you like to do this weekend?
  • I would like to go out with my girlfriend.

  • Would you like to buy this book or that one?
  • I would like that one.

Fill in the blanks:

What would you like to _____ (drinks – drink – drank)?
I would __________ (like – likes – don’t like) an apple juice.

Would she go to my house ________? (last weekend – tonight – last week)
He would like to __________ (dances – dance – dancing)