Countable and uncountable

Countable and uncountable nouns – what do they mean?

Countable and countable nouns

What do they mean?

Uncountable nouns nouns

They are not counted and we don’t use the plural form.

Example: I drink a lot of water. 

She doesn’t know how to cook rice. 

Examples of uncountable nouns:

coffee, milk, oxygen, sand, wood, sunset, information, advice, intelligence, etc.

Countable Nouns

They are counted.

She has two cats and one dog.

I eat one apple every day.



Countable or uncountable?

house ____________

computer ____________

beans ___________

whiskey _____________

flower ____________

curtain __________

mobile phone __________

ocean _____________

moon _________

stars __________


Countable and uncountable