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Have you ever heard about Halloween? It is one of the most important American holidays which the children dress as ghosts, monsters, etc and they ask for candy in their neighborhood. It happens on October 31. They also scare people in the streets and it is a great moment for all families. Let’s know some curiosities about Halloween in the United States. There are many interesting stories so let’s take a look at some of them.

curiosities about Halloween in the United States

Curiosities about Halloween in the United States

Many religions don’t agree with Halloween because they associate with a devil and this celebration is forbidden in several churches. We may say that fear is perfectly understandable due to lots of spooky clothes and weird creatures knocking at different doors.

Jack O’ Lantern is one of the main characters in this important festival so let’s understand a little about him. According to a legend a devil came to steal a thief’s soul and his name was Jack. He had a long life and went to the hell and the devil didn’t like him at all then one day the threw on Jack a glowing ember so he looked like a lantern.

What really impresses on Halloween celebrations are the clothes – they are really scaring and every year we have new ideas. Definitely, children love them and many families help them to dress and adults like going to streets too.

curiosities about Halloween in the United StatesTrick or treat

Trick or treat is the most famous part of Halloween! Children go to your house and say: Trick or treat? If you give candy that go away otherwise they will scare you! We don’t know the origin of this sentence but it is really important to understand that it is just a fun party!

More curiosities about Halloween in the United States

There are lots of superstitions about divinations, black cats, broken mirrors, candles and so on. Despite some negative aspects, Halloween is one of the most important festivals in the United States and several other countries.

In Ireland, people used to use this holiday to find a good boyfriend or girlfriend! Many years ago it was considered a romantic event in that European country.

According to psychologists children tend to be more ‘devil’ if they wear spooky clothes. They change their behavior more negatively. Listen to more curiosities about Halloween.

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