Ten curiosities about technology – amazing facts

ten curiosities about technologyLet’s talk about some interesting ten curiosities about technology. We are slaves of smartphones, notebooks, TVs, cloud providers, email, and IOT (Internet of Things) and so on. The idea in this article is to show you some of the most interesting curiosities about innovations and inventions. Some of them are absolutely surprising and it is worthwhile to share with friends. Talk to them about it and certainly, this information will be good topics for conversation. When you are learning English talk about interesting topics is motivating and really cool.

We have to follow this trend and read constantly. You know what is updated today is old-fashioned tomorrow. You know that at the moment you buy a smartphone last generation today in a couple of years changes a lot. You always need to change your mobile phone.

Ten curiosities about technology

  1. If you are using a computer you blink about 7 times a minute and when you are doing something different such as watch TV, you blink about twenty times.
  2. The first computer mouse was build in 1964. This invention was a big revolution at that time.
  3. Today we have smartphones that take pictures very fast.  The first camera took about 8 hours to take a simple picture.
  4. Do you know that a robot in Japan fell on a worker and killed him! We can consider a kind of ‘robotic homicide’.
  5. The first alarm clock created adjusted the time only for 4 am! It was impossible to adjust for another time.
  6. About 90% of the people try to plug the USB upside down. Have you done that before?
  7. The first cell phone sold in the United States was a Motorola in 1984.
  8. Thirty million people watch TV on their mobile phones.
  9. About 500 apps are added every single day on your mobile phone to download.
  10. 4 billion people have mobile phones in the world.