Differences between British and American English

What are the main differences between British and American English?

Shall we learn English?

When you are learning English it is very important to know the differences between British and American English.  There are some differences as we will mention in this article. If you intend to study abroad you need to take into account several differences between both countries. Let’s learn some good cultural aspects!


Of course, there are several differences concerning accents in both countries – USA and England. If you travel to the United States, Texas, for example, you will observe a different accent from people who live in Florida or New York. This problem is the same if we talk about Great Britain. People from Scotland have different accents from Londoners. Americans pronounce every “r” in words such as water or little. British people don’t!


Let’s see some spelling differences between both countries.

USA – color and UK – colour

USA – traveled and UK – travelled

USA – theater and UK – theatre

There are many other words but it is important to know that it is possible to understand both native speakers.


USA – apartment and UK – flat

USA – vacation and UK – holiday

USA – the movies and UK – the cinema

USA – soccer and UK – football

USA – cookie and UK – biscuit

What about your country? Are there different accents and words?


USA – I am going to play soccer on the weekend.

UK – I am going to play football at the weekend.


USA – I will visit my family on Christmas.

UK – I will visit my family at Christmas.


Conclusions about the differences between American and British English

If you speak English fluently no matter where you are you may understand them. The most important is to listen to them as much as possible and there are different websites on the internet that may be extremely useful for you. You have to practice your English as much as you can reading, listening, writing, talking to people, etc. Have fun!

differences between British and American English