Examples of irregular verbs

Do you know the differences between regular and irregular verbs? Let’s consider the verb arrive – it is a regular verb – take a look at this example.

She arrived at home at two am.

This is an example of a regular verb. As you can observe they finish by ED.

More examples:

Paul studied Japanese last Saturday.

Michael played soccer today in the morning.

As you can see Simple Past shows a time definition (last weekend, yesterday, etc)

Examples of irregular verbs

write – wrote – written

She wrote a book last weekend.

buy – bought – bought

She bought a new car last year.

forget – forgot – forgotten

Sorry, I forgot your birthday last week!

wake – woke – woken

She woke up at five o’clock today. She is very tired.


Both regular and irregular are used in affirmative sentences.  When we use interrogative and negative sentences the main verb is used in the infinitive form.

Did you travel to England last weekend?

No, I didn’t travel to England last weekend.


Did your brother go to Europe last year?

Yes, he went to Europe last weekend.

No, he didn’t go to Europe last weekend.


Fill in the blanks using the correct verb:

Sharon ____ to England last week. (travel – traveled)

Paul didn’t _______ that exercise. (understood – understand)

Did Mary _____ a book last year? (write – wrote)


examples of irregular verbs


Reading Comprehension

Paulo who is Brazilian student went to the United States last year. He stayed there for two weeks. He visited California, Texas, and Florida. He made good friends in that North American country such as Peter and Michael. Paulo is 19 years old and he is a student. He has a girlfriend living in São Paulo and her name is Sandra. She is studying Medicine in a Brazilian university. Paulo wants to be an engineer.

Where is Paulo from?

Where did he go to?

How many states did he visit?

Who is his girlfriend?

What does she study?