Expressions used in business – good ones for you

You are going to learn the most important expressions used in business. If you are a manager, a supervisor, a CEO, or director, you need to use some expressions in your meetings, conference calls, and several other situations in your professional life. Remember to use them in sentences and even synonyms. The most important is to make yourself understood and it is your chance to improve your vocabulary and create better conditions for your negotiations.

expressions used in EnglishExpressions used in business

In a conference call

Before starting a conference call you may use some good expressions such as:

Are we all on? Use this sentence to verify if everybody is online.

Can everyone hear me? In a conference call, you need to check if everybody can hear you perfectly.

Asking for details on a conference call

Could you speak more slowly, please? If a person is talking so fast you can use this sentence in order to comprehend what he/she is saying.

Would you mind spelling your name, please?  If you don’t know how to write his / her name you need to ask to spell, so this sentence is perfect.i

I’m afraid I can’t understand – I’m afraid has two meanings – I’m afraid of dogs (I’m scared) – in the business context means I’m sorry! I’m sorry but I can’t understand you.

Having a break in the conference call

Shall we have some coffee? We return in ten minutes! It is a good opportunity to relax a little bit or even check some important information before continuing your meeting.

Starting your presentation

If you want to give a good presentation you need to be aware of some expressions such as:

My name is Michael Brown and I’m the CEO for ABC Best Designs. You introduce yourself talking about your position and the company you work for.

I am going to make this presentation quick for you – it means your presentation won’t last for a long time.


First of all, I am going to talk about our budget.

Secondly, we are going to analyze pros and cons of opening a new branch in South America.

Thirdly, we are going to talk about benchmarking and analyze what our competitors are doing.

Finally, we are going to outline our plans for outsourcing.

Ending your presentation

It was a pleasure talking to you today. Thanks a lot!

Well, that brings me to the end of our meeting/presentation.  We may continue next Friday at 8.00 am. Thanks a lot.

Interrupting someone politely

Excuse me, I didn’t understand your point of view. Could you give us further information?

Excuse me, I have a different opinion. Can I talk now?

Planning for the next meetings

Does Friday at 9 am suit you?

Are you free to talk again next Monday at 2 pm?

How does Wednesday at 3 pm sound?

Take a look at this video and learn more three business expressions

As you can see studying English is always a challenge and we are always learning! It is absolutely essential to keep in touch with different slangs, expressions, and sentences. You need to practice as much as possible in your company talking to your workmates!

Have fun!

Ricardo Esteves