Fifteen expressions to use in English

You know that learning expressions is very important to enhance your vocabulary, so let’s talk today about fifteen expressions to use in English. They are essential to be used in different situations. You need to learn new words every day, then reading is always important to brush up your English. There are several different websites on the internet so choose topics that really interest you. You can read about sports, news, technology, jobs, movies, arts, culture, among several other options.

Take a look at these fifteen expressions.

Fifteen expressions to use in English

Asking for help

Can you give me a hand, please?

Can I ask you a favor?

Can you help me for a second?

Asking people to wait

Hang on a moment, please.

Give us a minute, please.

Sorry, I am tied up now, can you wait five minutes?

Giving an opinion

In my humble opinion, we need to buy a new car.

I’m totally convinced that Rio de Janeiro has the most beautiful beaches in the southeast region.

I’d say that Michael is a good manager.


I’m so sorry!

That is my fault.

Please, don’t be mad at me.

Future plans

What are you doing on Sunday?

Got any plans for Saturday night?

Busy on Sunday?

ifteen expressions to use in English

More examples:

What are you doing tomorrow Anne?

I’ll have lunch with my boyfriend.


I’d like to talk to Anne, please.

Hold on a moment, please.


What is your opinion about the Brazilian economy?

In my humble opinion, we need to improve a lot.


Can you give me a hand, please?

Yes, wait one minute.


Dad, I crashed your car! That was my fault!

Son … don’t worry. Let’s talk about it.


As you can see it is possible to use these expressions naturally, so think about situations you should use them in order to improve your vocabulary.

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