Five hints to get some extra money

You know how life is hard and our money is short then we need to do something to in order to help on our financial condition. You are going to learn five hints to get some extra money. The idea of this article is to suggest you some ideas but of course, you need to work hard to achieve your goals. Getting money isn’t so easy then choose something you really like doing otherwise you won’t be happy.

Five hints to get some extra money


Why don’t you try to sell something? There are many possibilities such as perfume, cosmetics, clothes, and so on. If you have old objects in your house you could sell them in order to get some extra money. Take a look at your bookshelf and you may find some books you believe you won’t read them again. As you can see selling isn’t so difficult so you need to start looking for opportunities. If you have lots of friends (female) you may try to sell lingerie, for example.

Write articles

Another good way to get some extra money is writing articles on the internet. Many people don’t have time to write so you may enjoy this opportunity to show your talents as a writer. Have you ever heard of Fiverr? Take a look at this website – click here – there are lots of professionals who work in different areas offering their services and there are many writers for blogs and sites. As soon as you sign up you will be able to write your gigs offering whatever you want to. Your customer will contact you and pay you for your efforts.

five hints to get some extra

Garage sale

Take a look at your old objects in your house and open a thrift shop for your neighbors and friends. Of course, it is a temporary activity but you will be able to get a good amount of money. You might sell your wardrobe, chairs, tables, books, etc.

Sell e-books

A good way to get money is selling e-books. Write your own and sell it on the internet. Choose a topic you like writing about, for example, if you are a mechanic you may write about how to fix your car. Write an e-book showing everything you know about the engine and many other parts of a car. Choose nice images then your reader will be able to identify and learn.


If you are an expert on something why don’t you teach? You may teach languages, how to play a musical instrument, or even some subjects such as Geography, Math, History and so on. You can teach online or go to your student’s house.




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