Forgetting things – Expressions

Let’s learn some expressions?

One of the most important aspects or learning English are the expressions. Today we are going to comment about some good expressions about Forgetting things – Expressions. good expressions to improve your knowledge Many times we intend to talk about a specific issue and we forget one detail or another. These expressions are extremely easy to be used so you should keep in mind you need to know all of them. Let’s see some and consequently, conversation and listening too.

Forgetting things – Expressions

I can’t remember your name! Sorry! Could you tell me again?

I’m afraid I can’t remember your phone number. Could you tell me again, please?

My mind has gone blank! I totally forgot to buy eggs in the supermarket.

Sorry, I forgot our appointment! I had an important meeting in the company. Let’s reschedule for tomorrow at 9 am?

I simply forgot to tell you about my sister’s marriage.

I have no memory of your company’s name. Could you tell me again, please?

I completely forgot your birthday! Congratulations!



Mike: Did you go to the supermarket Sharon?

Sharon: Yes, I did! I’ve just arrived.

Mike: Great! What did you buy?

Sharon: I bought some vegetables and greens (lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage, and cucumber). I also bought some fruits (apples, pears, pineapple, papaya, watermelon, and lemon).

Mike: What about frozen food?

Sharon: Sorry Mike! My mind has gone blank!

Mike: Don’t worry Sharon! I need to go to the dentist and when I return home I go to the supermarket to buy some frozen food.

Sharon: Thanks, Mike!

Mike: Did you buy soda and beer?

Sharon: Sorry again! I completely forgot! No worries Mike. I need to take Peter to school and when I return I buy soda and beer.

Mike: Ok, thanks! I’m going to buy frozen food and you get the drinks.

Sharon: Deal!

Forgetting things - Expressions