How to get a girlfriend or a boyfriend in 2018- ten hints

If you are alone and feeling blue cheer up! You will know in this article how to get a girlfriend or a boyfriend in 2018 – ten hints. They are simple strategies that are extremely useful for your daily routine and you will follow them you have a greater chance of getting the love of your life. Don’t feel so upset and sad! There are seven billion people on this planet and one of them is for you. You never know about tomorrow so one of the most important aspects of getting a person to live with is to trust in yourself. If you are a shy person, you need to change your thoughts and behavior. A new year is coming and you need to start a new life!

How to get a girlfriend or a boyfriend in 2018 – ten hints

How to get a girlfriend or a boyfriend in 2018 - ten hints

First hint

The first one is: don’t feel anxious and stop looking for a boyfriend or a girlfriend. At the moment you start acting normally towards a man or a woman he/she will “chase” you. It is important to make new friends going to parties and talking to different people. Ask for someone’s phone number and exchange ideas going to the movies and restaurants, for example.

Second hint

Make him/her observe you wearing cool clothes. Don’t exaggerate on jewelry or tattoos. Try to be as natural as possible and he or she will be impressed on you. Many people like wearing lots of perfumes and cool clothes so there is no need of.

Third hint

Talk about interesting topics and never about boring ones. Try to find out what he/she likes talking about and the conversation will go on more naturally. Good issues to talk: poems, movies, songs, hobbies, common interests, books, professional life, and so on. Avoid talking about politics, religion and some polemic issues.

Fourth hint

Approach him/her with confidence. If you are feeling your heart beating fast it is time to act. You need to be confident and smile. Let your body language expresses your feelings too and he/she will notice you. Try to give a genuine feeling for your loved one demonstrating what you really wish for him or her.

Fifth hint

Give him/her a sincere compliment. ‘You are so beautiful today!’ ‘Your smile is amazing!’ ‘You are a good person, so kind!’ These ones are sincere compliments you may use whenever you want, but remember to look at his/her eyes. Eye contact show sincerity. Make him/her laugh is essential too!

Sixth hint

Tease your loved one is a good approach. Choose the right moment to hold her/him or get her/his hands, for example, and wait for her/his reaction.

Seventh hint

Worry about her/him. It is essential to comment sentences such as: Are you feeling ok today? You seemed sad! What is going on? Can I help you?

Eighth hint

Choose good places for dates such as zoos, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and so on. There are good alternatives near you or even a little bit far away so you need to consider choosing a good place to go for a long conversation.

Ninth hint

Having high expectations is a good idea!  Believe in yourself and be authentic at the moment you are talking to. Express your deepest feelings and don’t hide your top secrets. Feel him/her as a good friend and definitely, you have a chance of sharing lots of good moments and feel very confident.

Tenth hint

This is the best moment – make a movement and kiss him/her – wait for the right moment after lots of conversation and physical contact it is time to show what you are really feeling. You deserve a good person close to you and I hope you may be able to be happy and in love.

The most important in a conversation: LISTEN! Listen attentively to what he/she has to say is crucial. Pay attention to all details and worry about him/her. It is important to feel confident and don’t worry so much about anxiety. Let thing go naturally and you will achieve your goals. Take a look at this video and pay attention to all details: CLICK HERE


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How to get a girlfriend or a boyfriend in 2018 - ten hints
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