Hints to improve your vocabulary

Hints to improve your vocabulary

Hints to improve your vocabulary

As you can see, improving your vocabulary is not so difficult. You need to pay attention to the new words and take notes of them. As soon as you understand their meaning you should be able to create your own sentences. For example, you learned the word UPDATE. Create a sentence such as I need to update my apps urgently.  Let’s see more hints to improve your vocabulary from now on.

Choose an article that you really like reading

First of all, you need to choose an article that you really like reading. If you don’t like reading about economy, for example, you won’t learn so much! You need to feel motivated in order to read the entire article. Choose a subject that really interests you and you should be able to understand most of the words and those ones you don’t, try to figure out their meaning in the context and if you don’t understand look at a good English-English dictionary. Never translate into your language otherwise your sentence and comprehension will make no sense.

If we consider more hints to improve your vocabulary we have to take into account the importance of the words for you. Try to learn as much as you can but try to be selective. If you read an article about Geography and you are a Math teacher you will probably find words not so important for your life.

Finally, take notes of their synonyms or antonyms if you prefer. As you can see you started studying one word and got to tens and tens of them using this simple strategy. Your fluency will be much better as soon as you acquire new vocabulary. Don’t worry if you forget the words tomorrow! It is common to happen. Certainly, you need to review all the words and if you have time try to write more sentences! Create your own dictionary.


Ricardo Esteves