How to get a good job in 2018

We are at the end of the year and it is time for the famous New Year’s Resolutions! The idea of this article is to give you some cool hints in order to find a good job in the next year. Let’s take into account you are unemployed or even want to find a better job and would like new challenges and so on. Be prepared and trust in yourself! Shall we see how to get a good job in 2018? The first thing to do is keep your CV updated and follow the next tips.

Before starting take a look at this cool video – GOOD HINTS FOR A JOB INTERVIEW Ronnie teaches you good hints in order to achieve your goals.

how to get a good job in 2018How to get a good job in 2018

  • The first thing to do is to update your CV. Be prepared to create a good covering letter too with the most important information about your professional and educational life. All these data should be concise so select what you consider important concerning extracurricular activities, and languages and even courses in other countries.
  • Focus on jobs you are qualified for. Think about your strengths and use them in your favor according to the job you are applying for. Let’s say you are a talkative person and the job you are applying for does not demand this kind of strength. Focus on other ones such as team player or proactivity or even organization. Pay attention to the job description then think if you have conditions to apply for that one.
  • Learn from your mistakes and never give up on looking for a good job.  The best jobs are those ones that fit your personality and skills. If you are rejected by employers don’t worry so much that your opportunity will arrive sooner or later.
  • Prepare a good covering letter showing your best qualifications and skills in the first paragraph. As you can see how to get a good job in 2018 demands some important details.
  • Your CV should be well prepared and choose the best words according to the job you are applying for. You need to consider changing your CV according to the opportunity offered by the employer. Definitely, if you have a good CV and consequently talent, your chances will be much larger.
  • Include the most important experience you got in your professional life. You don’t need to write all them down. Select those ones you consider excellent according to the job opportunity.

Dress code and other hints

  • Dress adequately for the job interview. What kind of cloth do you have to wear? First of all, take a look at these hints.
  • Before going to a job interview, it is a good idea to search on the internet the company’s location, how far it is from your house, pay attention to some figures and essential information about the company.
  • If you have a chance to go to the company some days before,  observe their dress code. At the moment you understand their formality or informality, go to the interview according to what you see.
  • Avoid being late and if it is necessary to call your interviewer some minutes before the interview to warn them about possible problems to get to the company, do it politely. No panic at all!
  • Never comment anything bad about your previous employer. If your interviewer asks you: ‘Why did you leave your last job?’ – Answer something like that: “I am looking for new challenges and I believe this company offers me the best for my career.”
  • As soon as you finish your interview say thank you for your interviewer. Smile and show gratitude. It is essential to create a good rapport with him/her.
  • References are important so choose your previous employer or even a university teacher. They may give good information about your skills and talents. The network is very important for perfect recommendations.

As you can see how to get a good job in 2018 isn’t so difficult. You need to pay attention to all those details and believe in yourself.