Improve your listening

Improve your listening

There are some skills to be developed when you are learning English and one of them is the Listening. Improve your listening with songs, audios, podcasts, videos, and so on. There are many hints we can mention but it depends on your focus and needs. If you visit many websites in the internet you will find all possible ways to enhance your listening. Definitely it is essential to watch movies, listen to the radio, news, and so on, and you also may talk to native speakers through apps and good websites. Why do not make friends in other countries? It is a good idea to learn English and increase your network.

Listening skills

Improve your listening watching movies

If you watch regularly movies, try to watch them with subtitles in English. It is much better to improve your vocabulary and you should pay attention to the actors’ pronunciation. As soon as you understand the context, feel free to expand your vocabulary writing using the new words you found out in the movie.
A good idea is to take notes of all new words and expressions – pause your movie then you will be able to improve your vocabulary. Another idea – for example: you learnt the word KITCHEN. Try to make family words using all objects you may find in a kitchen: refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave, table, knife, fork, spoon, teaspoon and so on.

Improve your  listening singing songs

If you want to expand your vocabulary songs are excellent sources of expressions, slangs, and so on. Choose your favorite singer or group and take notes of new words, etc. You will see how big your vocabulary will be in short-term. 

Improve your listening talking to native speakers

There are good apps for you to talk to native speakers and of course, make new friends and increase your network. First of all you need to download such apps, create your profile and have fun! 
As you can see there are funny ways to improve your listening so it is essential to have focus and do not give up of your dreams.