How to keep a conversation going in English

Are you shy to speak English? If you are, simply take a look at these hints on how to keep a conversation going. There are some good strategies you should use in order to avoid digressions or a boring conversation. At the moment you are talking to a native speaker your conversation should be fluent and natural and some ideas are cool to minimize some problems. Shall we take a look?

how to keep a conversation going

How to keep a conversation going

  • First of all, you are talking about something that you really like and understand otherwise there will be a lot of problems.  You are a doctor but somebody else is talking to you about Nuclear Physics. How will you feel? You will feel just like a fish out of the water.
  • The second hint about how to keep a conversation going is quite simple: try to show some interest using expressions such as – Hmmm, I understand, tell me more, I totally agree with you and so on. You will be listening to him or her so you will have time to think about new words and longer sentences.
  • Another good hint is to tell good stories about different situations that have happened in your life. Surely, you know all those stories by heart then you will be able to narrate them fluently and efficiently.
  • If you want to comment on films you’ve watched before this kind of conversation is much simpler. You probably remember some dialogues and you might be able to repeat them to your friend. Another good topic for conversation might be about your job or university or even your family. They are good topics for a conversation you will feel very confident talking about them. Definitely, how to keep a conversation going is very important to maintain the rapport with all people involved.


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