My new website to learn English

Hello, guys!

I hope you are fine! As you know I am an English teacher and Brazilian. I have been teaching English since 1982 and my focus is helping everybody no matter where you are from. I have a new project for Brazilian students! If you are from Brazil, take a look at my new website – Click here – my idea is to help them in order to improve their grammar, vocabulary, listening, through videos, reading comprehension, e-books, and so on. My new website to learn English is simple but effective. Feel free to visit it whenever you want to.

My new website to learn English

I’ll present lots of hints concerning vocabulary, native speakers accents, and I hope you can learn a lot. Feel free to contact me whenever you want. You know that practicing English is the best way to improve your skills so I intend to help you in all of them: listening, writing, reading and speaking. I will provide lots of stuff such as articles about different topics, videos, native speakers, hints to speak faster and so on. quer aprender inglês

Lots of stuff

You will find lots of stuff to guarantee the best learning no matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level. I will give you lots of suggestions and hints so be aware that I am here to help you!  If you have any question do not hesitate to ask me. My email is: and take at my Youtube videos. Click here.


I am also a translator – take a look at my websites: click here

Another one to be visited is: click here

I translate for you in a couple of hours and I really enjoy doing it! I will help you with technical translations or not so feel free to contact me!

I also have my fan pages on Facebook.

I hope to see you soon!

Ricardo Esteves