Reading Comprehension

The importance of technology in our lives

We know that the importance of technology in our lives is huge so we are totally dependent on it. We have mobile phones, notebooks, Smart TVs, video games, Google glasses, and many other ones. We work a lot using these technologies and we can mention that in our studies we have lots of benefits too. There are several apps and software to make our lives easier. 
The advantages of technology
Technology makes our lives much easier so let’s enjoy all moments we have new technologies and innovations. Let’s talk about studies. If you study at school or university there are lots of apps useful for you. You will be able to have online classes and you will find some platforms which your teacher can interact with you and your colleagues transforming the classes much more modern and easier to deal with.
Technology in all fields
All fields are benefited by technology so we need to take into consideration health care system, engineer, architecture, agriculture and many other fields we can imagine. The future will be brilliant if we imagine technological advances. We will see many innovations and maybe in a near future we will have flying cars and houses, and we will live in a kind of sci-fi movie.

The most important to improve your reading is taking notes of new vocabulary! Have fun!