Reading Comprehension

Arthur’s life in Canada

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Arthur's life in Canada - Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension

Arthur is a Canadian boy, 11 years old and he lives in Toronto. He has two brothers and one sister. His brothers are Michael, 20 years old and Peter, 17 years old. His sister is Karen, she is 14 years old. Arthur’s hobbies are swimming, playing basketball and reading comics.

Karen loves dancing ballet and she also has a great talent to be a singer. Her dream is to be an artist. Peter is good at Math and intends to be an engineer. Michael who is 20 years old is studying Medicine in New York, USA.

Their father Stephen passed away last year due to cardiological diseases and their mother Mary is a journalist working for a famous Canadian TV network. She has a new boyfriend and his name is Mark who is a pediatrician in Toronto. Mark gets along well with  Mary’s children and they plan to adopt a new child soon.

Arthur’s favorite subjects are Math, English, and Geography and he has plans to be a History teacher in the future. He loves technology such as mobile phones, notebooks, video games and so on. Definitely, Arthur is fond of TV too. He watches lots of cartoons and movies.

Answer these questions according to the text:

Who is the youngest in the family?
a) Arthur
b) Karen
c) Peter
d) Michael

What does Mary do?
a) dentist
b) journalist
c) doctor
d) unemployed

What does Mark do?
a) cardiologist
b) pediatrician
c) dentist
d) soccer player

What does Karen like doing?
a) she likes swimming
b) she likes reading books
c) she likes dancing ballet
d) she likes speaking Italian

What happened to Arthur’s father?
a) he got married again
b) he god divorced
c) he is unemployed
d) he died