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What about laughing a little? Some good jokes in English

October 1, 2017 Lessons 0

Are you good at jokes? Learn English One of the best ways to learn English is telling and listening to jokes. They are funny and help you to improve your vocabulary. It is common to watch movies and actors make some funny comments so if you are able to understand them, great! Let’s see some… Read more

Fill in the blanks using the correct word – Learn English

September 25, 2017 Lessons 2


Forgetting things – Expressions

August 16, 2017 Lessons 0

Let’s learn some expressions? One of the most important aspects or learning English are the expressions. Today we are going to comment about some good expressions about Forgetting things – Expressions. good expressions to improve your knowledge Many times we intend to talk about a specific issue and we forget one detail or another. These… Read more

Right Here Waiting – Richard Marx

August 12, 2017 Lessons 0

Listen to this great song by Richard Marx Click here Right Here Waiting Richard Marx Oceans apart day after day And I slowly go insane I hear your voice on the line But it doesn’t stop the pain If I see you next to never How can we say forever Wherever you go Whatever you… Read more

Have you ever been in love? Celine Dion

July 17, 2017 Lessons 0

Let’s learn new vocabulary? Songs are very helpful for you. Definitely, you need to improve your English and songs are excellent! There are many ways to improve your knowledge so reading, listening, videos are essential for a better performance. Today you are going to listen to a nice song by Celine Dion – Have you… Read more