Ten curiosities about Australia – Have you ever been there?

Have you ever been abroad? What do you like doing when you travel? Tourism brings a lot of money to countries and the government should invest in infrastructure to make peoples’ lives easier and Australian government offers the most advanced technologies and excellent conditions for visitors. Let’s talk today about some nice ten curiosities about Australia. It is a wonderful country you should consider visiting one day. There are cool places to visit and their culture is extremely diversified. Be prepared to travel and fasten your seat belt!

ten curiosities about AustraliaTen curiosities about Australia – Have you ever been there?

  1. Vegetation covers a large area in Australia – about seven million square kilometers forming a great place to visit and enjoy.
  2. They have a unique flora and it is absolutely exuberant. It is really worthwhile to visit that country and enjoy every moment observing their nature and environment.
  3. Wool exportation is one of the main activities in that country and one good curiosity is that they have more than 70 million sheep.
  4. Of course, kangaroo meat is very popular in the country. It is extremely nutritious and low-fat. There are more than 60 different types of them.
  5. Let’s talk about a polemic issue: euthanasia. Australian consider it as a crime so if a person is suffering and is about to die this kind of procedure isn’t welcome.
  6. It is a very big country but the population is small – only 22 million people spread in their entire territory.
  7. There is a ranch in South Australia that is larger than Israel! It is amazing, isn’t it?
  8. The biggest golf course is located in Australia – it has more than 800 miles long.
  9. One curiosity about Australia is that most of the people like gambling – it is a tradition in that country.
  10. 1/4 of the population is composed of immigrants.

As you can see these ten curiosities about Australia are interesting. Take a look at this amazing video that shows more 25 curiosities – CLICK HERE – If you want to add more information, feel free to do that. Please, leave a reply to this article!