Ten things to do in Brazil – enjoy your trip in 2018

If you want to travel to a beautiful country located in South America Brazil is a good choice. It is a very big country full of beautiful beaches, big cities such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, and Belo Horizonte. You need to know their diversified culture, wonderful food, and cool people. There are amazing places such as Fernando de Noronha that is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Take a look at ten things to do in Brazil so fasten your seat belt and have a nice trip. Take a look at this amazing video showing good places to visit in Brazil. Shall we watch?  Things to do in Brazil

Ten things to do in Brazil

Ten things to do in Brazil – enjoy your trip

Ten things to do in BrazilBeaches

If you want to know one of the most beautiful beaches in the world Brazil is an excellent option. I believe you have heard of Copacabana and Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro! They are well-known beaches in the entire world.

Tom Jobim who was one of the most important Brazilian singers composed that famous song The Girl from Ipanema that even Frank Sinatra had an opportunity to sing.

There are many other nice beaches such as in Florianópolis in Santa Catarina, Recife, Salvador, Alagoas, and many other ones in several regions in that amazing country.

São Paulo

São Paulo is the biggest Brazilian city and it is located in the southeast region. It offers lots of incredible attractions such as shopping centers, museums, parks, restaurants, theaters and fabulous beaches as well such as Ubatuba and Santos. There are skyscrapers in the whole city and it is considered the most important financial center in South America.  BOVESPA which is the Brazilian Stock Market is located in São Paulo.


There are great states to be visited in that wonderful region such as Pernambuco, Alagoas, Bahia, Paraíba and so on. You will visit nice beaches and try different food such as ‘acarejé’ that is a typical spicy dish from Bahia and one of the most popular in Brazil. Northeast people are very nice indeed and they are very friendly too.

Amazon Forest

If you want to visit the famous jungle you need to go to Amazonas which is a large state located in the north of Brazil. There are great places to visit and among the ten things to do in Brazil, it is one of the most famous due to the importance of Amazon forest for the planet. That forest is considered the ‘lung of the world’ it should be preserved for our survival.

Minas Gerais

Have you ever eaten a pão de queijo, tutu a mineira, feijão tropeiro and cheese? If you want to try one of the best food in Brazil you have to go to Minas Gerais that is a state located in the southeast region. You need to visit Belo Horizonte – the capital, Ouro Preto (a nice historical town) and Tiradentes too. There are many other places to be visited in Minas Gerais so enjoy your stay there.


You know how Brazilian love soccer! It is their most important sport so you need to consider going to some soccer stadiums such as Mineirão (Belo Horizonte), Maracanã (Rio de Janeiro), Morumbi (São Paulo) and several other ones spread in many states. Have fun!


Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná are located in the south of that South American country and they offer a rich European culture. There are immigrants from Italy and Germany in those states and you will be able to know nice towns such as Pomerode in Santa Catarina, Gramado in Rio Grande do Sul where you will try one of the best chocolate in the world, among several other nice cities such as Camburiú, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, and Blumenau. You can try the best Brazilian wine produced in that region too.


Oscar Niemeyer who was the most famous Brazilian architect planned Brasília that is located in the Central region of Brazil. It is the capital of the country and you will be able to visit the Congress and Senate among several churches and nice buildings too.


If you like dancing the samba, Brazil has the most impressive carnival that people may know. It is a great show promoted by samba schools (escolas de samba). Rio de Janeiro offers the most beautiful party in the country and these samba schools come with floats full of visual and special effects. Definitely, Brazil stops for a couple of days in February to watch one of the most beautiful shows in the world. Full of happy people dancing on avenues and Brazilian carnival is broadcasted for different countries around the world.


We have already mentioned that Brazilian food is special so you must try ‘feijoada’ that is the most important dish (made of beans) in that country. Among the ten things to do in Brazil try different food is a must. There are many other options such as the famous Brazilian barbecue and drinks such as cachaça and caipirinha.

As you can see Brazil is a rich country and tourism is very important! Don’t miss this opportunity to have the best vacation ever!










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Ten things to do in Brazil
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