Thanksgiving Day in the United States – an important holiday

Thanksgiving Day is a traditional holiday in the United States and today November 23 is an important day in that country. Family and friends get together in order to celebrate and thank all achievements that had during the year. You have a chance to get a special meal including turkey, potatoes, pumpkin, and vegetables. Thanksgiving Day in the United States offers a good opportunity to gather lots of old friends and relatives from different cities so for American people it is absolutely important.

Thanksgiving Day in the United States

People usually stop working and studying on Thursday and Friday so businesses and schools are closed then it has been a familiar holiday since 1863(It was created by the President Abraham Lincoln).  It also takes place on the last Thursday in November, just one day before Black Friday. For American people, this holiday is as important as Christmas.

There are beautiful parades in the streets and the large stores prepare to receive lots of tourists during this festivity. Thanksgiving in the United States has celebrated annually and one person of the family is in charge of pray and thank God for all blessings they got during the year.

Thanksgiving in Canada

Canadian also celebrates Thanksgiving Day but it happens on the second Monday in October. They usually eat turkey as their main meal. Christmas is more important than Thanksgiving Day in that country. Definitely, it is a good chance to gather relatives and friends from different places and remember old times.

Take a look at this video and learn a little bit more about THANKSGIVING DAY!

thanksgiving day in the United States

What are the traditions on Thanksgiving Day?

  • Pancakes, eggs, and pie are common dishes in American breakfast on that day.
  • American people like going out alone in the morning and take a time for themselves in order to think about their lives before lunch with relatives and friends.
  • They always remember relatives and friends who have passed away and they are included in their prayers.
  • After dinner, they usually walk together with their relatives enjoying the night!
  • American people love watching football games on TV while preparing their meals.
  • They are connected with relatives who live far from them and send messages or talk on the phone.
  • Vegetarian families choose a salad, fruits, and vegetables instead of turkey.
  • Some families are volunteers helping and serving food to homeless in big cities.
  • Some families have Thanksgiving tree (each member writes on a piece of paper what they want to thank God and put on that tree).
  • Corn risotto is another traditional dish on Thanksgiving Day. As you can see they eat a large variety of food.
  • People who don’t like turkey prefer chicken fried steak (it is another good choice for many families).