May 20, 2017 Lessons 0

Tips for songs

It is very nice to learn English when we listen to music. Choose your favorite singer or band and read the lyrics. You will observe that most of them do not make sense because the singer is expressing his feelings in that song. The most important are to learn new expressions and slangs. You will enjoy a lot learning Engish singing songs. There are good websites you can visit and improve your vocabulary. 
listen to songs

What kind of music do you like?

Many people ask: what kind of music should I listen to learn English?
You choose that one you enjoy – just that.
If you like heavy metal, listen, if you prefer romantic songs, go ahead, if you like pop, choose your favorite or band and enjoy a lot.

The most important are to learn new words and vocabulary such as expressions and slangs.
Enjoy your studies and sing a lot!