Top ten expressions about money – Take a look!

You have heard this sentence: Money makes the world go round! Let’s learn some cool expressions that will be extremely useful for you in your daily routine. You know that we use money in several different situations – internet banking online, shopping, and salary, etc. It is important to know that these words and expressions are widely used in other countries so try to keep them in mind. Let’s learn the top ten expressions about money. 

Top ten expressions about money

1 – Buck – dollar

How much does this car cost?

It costs $ 500 bucks!

2 – At all cost – to do something at any cost or expense

We need to buy a new car at all cost! It will be essential for our business.

3 – Cash cow – the main product in a company

My restaurant makes 100 different dishes but fried fish and salad is our cash cow. Our customers buy it every day!

4 – Chicken feed – a small amount of money

My job is good and I like my boss and colleagues but my wage is a chicken feed! I can’t pay all my bills and I also need some extra money.

5 – Go Dutch – to share the cost in a restaurant, for example.

Shall we go to a Japanese restaurant tonight? We go Dutch!

6 – To be flat broke – to have no money

I lost my job and I’m in a difficult situation. I am flat broke now!

7 – Live on the breadline – people who live with small wages

My brother lives on the breadline. He gets $300 per week.

8 – To have money to burn – to have a lot of money

My father worked forty years in the same company as a sales director. He enjoys his retirement having money to burn.

9 – Lose your shirt – lose all your money

I lost my shirt when my company fired me.

10 – Money doesn’t grow on trees – money is valuable

My mother always tells me that money doesn’t grow on trees so I am learning how to save my pocket money.

These are only top ten expressions about money and of course, there are many other ones to learn. You should keep in mind that language changes every day so be aware of new expressions.

Top ten expressions about money

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Top ten expressions about money - Take a look!
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