top ten strangest laws in the world

Top ten strangest laws in the world

What do you understand about laws? Do you usually respect them? There are several laws in the entire world so most of them are extremely serious and we should respect. Let’s talk today about the top ten strangest laws in the world. Take a look and think about them. The main idea is to respect them no matter if we agree or not. What about in your country? Are there strange laws? If you travel to those countries you need to respect their culture!

Top ten strangest laws in the world

Fist law

Have you ever heard of the American state Alabama? I think so. Do you know that interracial marriage is illegal in that state? As you know there are fifty states n the United States and each one has a different law about different issues.

Second law

Let’s keep on talking about Alabama. Have you heard of Mobile? It is a town situated in that state. It is against the law to throw confetti. Imagine they have carnival over there! Among the top strangest laws in the world, this one is special.

Third law

In Saudi Arabia women can’t drive at all but they can vote. As you can see, each country has its own laws and in case of traveling, you need to respect them.

Fourth law

In Dubai, if a man or woman has an extramarital relationship, he or she may go to prison for at least one year.

Fifth law

In Saudi Arabia, there is no age to get married! A child can get married to an adult man, for example.

Sixth law

Divorce is illegal in the Vatican.

Seventh law

It is forbidden to step on money in Thailand! It is a complicated law.

Eighth law

Selling chewing gum in Singapore is illegal so if you are a child or have children you will never have this opportunity.

Ninth law

The women won’t like this one: in Arkansas, a husband can beat his wife once a month!

Tenth law

In Iowa, men that have mustache can’t kiss women in the streets.

top ten strangest laws in the world