World Cup in Russia 2018 – Soccer for everybody

The next World Cup will take place in Russia in the next year so the supporters are expecting great games. The groups were defined and you will understand everything in this article. The most popular sport in the world will have great moments again so there will be lots of passion, sadness, happiness, and love among players and supporters. Definitely, the World Cup in an unforgettable moment full of magic which lots of players try to do their best to defend their countries in order to be the best in the world. If you are a fan of soccer be prepared for the World Cup in Russia 2018.

World Cup in Russia 2018World Cup in Russia 2018

Group A

Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Uruguay

Group B

Portugal, Spain, Morocco, and Iran

Group C

France, Australia, Peru, and Denmark

Group D

Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, and Nigeria

Group E

Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, and Serbia

Group F

Germany, Sweden, Mexico, and the Korea Republic

Group G

Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, and England

Group H

Poland, Senegal, Colombia, and Japan

Take a look at FIFA WORLD CUP OFFICIAL  VIDEO and know and start preparing for the great moment next year.

The History of the World Cup – countries and winners


1930          Uruguay                     Uruguay

1934          Italy                              Italy

1938          France                         Italy

1950          Brazil                           Uruguay

1954           Switzerland                Germany

1958           Sweden                        Brazil

1962           Chile                             Brazil

1966           England                       England

1970            Mexico                        Brazil

1974           Germany                     Germany

1978           Argentina                    Argentina

1982          Spain                             Italy

1986          Mexico                         Argentina

1990          Italy                              Germany

1994          United States              Brazil

1998          France                          France

2002         South Korea/Japan   Brazil

2006         Germany                       Italy

2010          South Africa                 Spain

2014          Brazil                             Germany

2018          Russia                                ?

2022         Qatar                                   ?


The favorite countries

Group A – Russia and Uruguay

Group B – Portugal and Spain

Group C – France and Denmark

Group D – Argentina and Croatia

Group E – Brazil and Serbia

Group F – Germany and Sweden

Group G – Belgium and England

Group H – Colombia and Japan

Do you agree? What is your opinion about soccer and World Cup?

There will be billions of people watching on TV and we hope we may have a peaceful championship.








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