we are the wold

We are the world – Michael Jackson and friends

If you like songs you can never forget the song WE ARE THE WORLD by Michael Jackson and his friends. Many singers (45) including Cindi Lauper, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Tina Turner, Paul Simon, Lionel Ritchie, Dionne Warwick and other great names made this wonderful song to get funds in order to help Africa and its starvation. We are the world is one of the most famous songs ever so let’s listen again this amazing son!

we are the wold - Michael Jackson and friends

We are the world

Definitely, this song has made a great success and we hope we may see more songs like that to help people in need. The world needs help from richer countries, especially Africa. There are many poor countries in the entire world so We are the world is one of the most remarkable songs ever. Surely, you will enjoy listening again this great success and remember Michael Jackson and other great artists.

The importance of artists in the world

They have a key role to help people in need as there are many natural catastrophes happening and those artists are able to make incredible shows to get funds and help those people who really need. Of course, all governments must do their part helping people around the world but unfortunately,  many of them don’t care if poor people are dying or not.

Certainly, We are the world was a watershed in the musical and artistic industry. It represented a model for all of us so we need to believe the world may be better one day. We have to believe in the planet and in the people too. Surely, God is taking care of all of us so let’s pray no matter which religion you belong too for a better planet for the mankind. Let’s see if new singers or artists may be able to create great songs again!

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